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Superman and the Mole-Men by Kerry Gammill A peaceful underground race of little creatures, living in the hollow center of the Earth.

Physically, they are exactly like human beings except for their hairy covering and large heads, possibly an indication of highly developed mental capabilities.

They do not talk using a spoken language, but have a silent method of communication that includes hand gestures and body motions.

The mole-men are an inquisitive people and can travel extremely rapidly for short periods of time before they become exhausted.

Their civilization is located more than six miles beneath the Earth's surface and boasts an advanced level of technology.

(Superman first encounters the Mole-Men in the 1951 motion picture, Superman and the Mole-Men.)

Article: "Present at the Creation of Superman and the Mole-Men" -- by Patricia Ellsworth

Illustration on this page by Kerry Gammill from The Adventures Continue #10    

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